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Courthouse Rental Opportunities

  • Overview

  • As a community-based organization, Tales of Cape Cod is pleased to make The Olde Colonial Courthouse  (the “Courthouse”) available for appropriate use by other civic organizations and nonprofits, as well as by for-profit groups. The Courthouse is also available for rent on a limited basis for weddings and memorial services.

  • The Board of Directors of Tales of Cape Cod determines the conditions under which outside organizations or individuals may use the Courthouse.  Tales of Cape Cod reserves the right to approve or not approve the use of the building for any reason, at its sole discretion.  To hold an event or to rent a meeting room at the Courthouse, see the section below entitled “How to reserve the Courthouse.”

  • Prioritization of rental requests

  • In the event of a conflict regarding use of the Courthouse, priority will be given to requests from the following groups in the order shown below:

  • - Events and programs sponsored by Tales of Cape Cod.
    - Nonprofit and civic organizations in Barnstable Village.
    - Weddings and memorial services for residents of Barnstable Village.
    - Nonprofits and civic organizations outside of Barnstable Village.
    - Weddings and memorial services for individuals residing outside of Barnstable Village.
    - For-profit organizations.


Description of the Meeting Rooms

The Courthouse has two event spaces available for rent: the Main Room and the Meeting Room.

The Main Room


  • The Main Room was previously used as a church sanctuary. It is laid out in the traditional style of a New England church, with a high ceiling and pews facing a raised platform with a speaker’s dais. This room seats 80-plus people. 

The Meeting Room


  • The Meeting Room is adjacent to the Main Room. The Meeting Room has partially paneled walls, stained glass windows, and a large, boardroom-style conference table suitable for 10-12 people.  This room has an estimated total capacity of 30 people.

Additional Information

Outside groups or individuals may apply to rent either: (i) the Main Room and the Meeting Room together, or (ii) the Meeting Room by itself.  Each option includes use of the galley kitchen described below.

Building features and amenities

- Historic, colonial era building located at the corner of Route 6A and Rendezvous Lane in   Barnstable Village.

-Central heating and air conditioning-Entry at rear of Main Room, on Rendezvous Lane.
- Handicap Accessible.
- Galley-style kitchen adjoining the Meeting Room, available for light food   preparation.Renters must provide their own plates, cups, and other utensils.
- Basic microphone and speaker, located on the raised platform in Main Room. Please note   that Tales of Cape Cod does not provide “on site” tech support for this equipment.
- Standard projection screen.
- Tales of Cape Cod will arrange for the building to be opened and closed by a member of the   Board or other individual.


The Courthouse does not have its own parking facilities. On-street parking is available nearby on Route 6A and on Rendezvous Lane. By pre-arrangement, additional parking may be available at St. Mary’s church, directly opposite the Courthouse on Route 6A.

Hours of Use

The Courthouse is available for rent on weekdays and weekends between the hours of 9:00 am and 10:00 pm, except for New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and Mondays from June to September.


- Visitors should respect the historic nature of the Courthouse and the fact that the   Courthouse is located in a residential neighborhood.
- Renters are expected to leave the building in the condition in which they found it, including   the removal of any trash, returning furniture to its original position, etc.
- Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed, except that wine and beer may be   served at weddings and memorial services if the renter obtains a license for that purpose   from the Town of Barnstable.
- The kitchen may be used for light food preparation and food service only. Cooking is not   allowed.
- Collection of participant names for later financial gain or business use is not permitted.
- Partisan political activities are not permitted; however, the Courthouse may be used for
  multi-party, “meet the candidates” –type events, as well as for information-oriented civic
  events with elected officials and other office-holders.

Meeting room fees

The rental fees listed below include opening and closing of the Courthouse by Tales of Cape Cod, as well as a general orientation to the building and the space being rented. However, representatives of Tales of Cape Cod will not be present during the event or meeting itself.

1). Main Room and Meeting Room

  - Wedding (one day): $450
   - Wedding and wedding rehearsal (two days): $550
   - Memorial Service (one day): $225
   - Other: Up to 4 hours $150;  More than 4 hours $300

2). Main Room OR Meeting Room only

  - Up to 4 hours: $100
   - More than 4hours: $150

3). Parking at St Mary’s Church, subject to availability and prior arrangement with St Mary’s 

- To the extent that Tales of Cape Cod incurs additional cleaning costs as a result of renting   the building to an outside group, the renter will reimburse Tales of Cape Cod for such   expenses.

- For weddings, memorial services and other functions expected to involve a significant   number of participants, Tales of Cape Cod may require the renter to hire a traffic safety   guard.  The cost of such guard will be borne by the renter in addition to the building rental   and parking fees listed above.

How to reserve the Courthouse

To apply to rent the Main Room and the Meeting Room, or the Meeting room by itself, pleasedownload a reservation request form below and send it to or at the following mailing address:

Tales of Cape Cod
P.O. Box 41
Barnstable, MA 02630

For more information, please email us at 

For further information 

For general questions about renting the Courthouse, please contact Tales of Cape Cod at the above email or mailing address.

Rental Application

Rental Application (pdf)