Oral History Interviews

The original mission of Tales of Cape Cod was “to record the voices and histories of old-time Cape Codders as they told of their stories and experiences . . . along with the stories related to them by their parents and grandparents.  In this way a rich history of early Cape Cod would be preserved and perpetuated as living history for future generations.” 

Today Tales of Cape Cod possesses a collection of over two hundred recordings of personal experiences and stories. This valuable collection is housed at the William Brewster Nickerson Cape Cod History Archives at Cape Cod Community College.

Tales of Cape Cod has begun the time-intensive process of preparing these recordings to be uploaded onto the Internet Archive.  The interviews that are currently available on Internet Archive are shown below.  To listen to one of these interviews, click on the address or link associated with the selected interview.


Tales of Cape Cod Interviews on Internet Archive


Tales of Cape Cod Interview with John (Jack) Bonnell, IV 117

28 March 1978 (Betty Richards Interviewer)



Tales of Cape Cod Interview with Elsie Chadwick, IV 130

8 May 1978 (Frank Rudd Interviewer)



Tales of Cape Cod Interview with Helen Pulcifer Dolan, IV 55

26 October 1977 (William Steere Interviewer)



Tales of Cape Cod Interview with Eugenia Fortes, IV 191

20 July 1978 (Frank Rudd Interviewer)



Tales of Cape Cod Interview with Dudley Winthrop Hallett, IV 160

29 March, 1978 (William Pride Interviewer)



Tales of Cape Cod Interview with Mary Frasier Maderios, IV 141

25 May 1978 (Frank Rudd Interviewer)



Tales of Cape Cod Interview with Emma Marshall, IV 109

28 February 1978 (Betty Richards Interviewer)




Tales of Cape Cod Interview with Joshua Atkins Nickerson, IV 59

25 October 1977 (Betty Richards Interviewer)



Tales of Cape Cod Interview with Captain Joseph Oliver, IV 126

25 April 1978 (William Steere Interviewer)



Tales of Cape Cod Interview with Heaton Vorse, IV 143

16 May 1978 (Betty Richards Interviewer)



Tales of Cape Cod Interview with Judge Robert A. Welsh, IV 172

6 June 1978 (Betty Richards Interviewer)


Tales of Cape Cod Interview with Elizabeth Woodman, IV 105

14 February 1978 (William Steere Interviewer)